Winstrol Oral 50mg (1000 tabs) Dragon Pharma

Stanozolol (Winstrol Oral 50mg (1000 tabs) Dragon Pharma) is an anabolic and androgenic steroid-injectable (depot) and tableted. Winstrol was first released in 1962 by Winthrop Laboratories. Structurally it is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Originally used on horses, but after approval by the FDA – the Office for Control of Medicines and Food, began to be used for sporting purposes. Although stanozolol is a progesterone antagonist, it does not block the progestagen effect of nandrolones. The peculiarity of Winstrol Depot injection is that it has an aqueous form unlike most steroids.

As for Winstrol in tablets, the active substance does not break down when passing through the liver and has a high bioavailability. The presence of an alkyl group in the alpha-17 position causes the toxic effect of Stanozolol on the liver. In addition to this deficiency, the steroid rarely causes adverse reactions, and is often used by women (nevertheless, when dosages are exceeded, masculinization and virilization are still possible).

The course of stanozolol solo

The course of Winstrol solo is most often used on drying for obtaining relief quality musculature. Most noticeable effect in athletes with moderate fat content and sufficient body weight. The recommended dosage of injection stanozol (Winstrol Depot in ampoules) is 50 milligrams daily, in tablets 30 milligrams. As for representatives of endurance-oriented sports (for example, athletes or boxers), they will be sufficient for 10-20 milligrams. The course of stanozolol solo lasts about 5-8 weeks.

Before taking stanozolol, it is best to undergo a medical examination and consult with a specialist. After the completion of taking stanozolol, after 2-3 days PKT begins to normalize the basic physiological parameters of the organism.

Combined courses with Winstrol

To increase the effect, as well as reduce the likelihood of adverse reactions, it is possible to take stanozolol in combination with other steroids. For example, with Methandrostenolone, Anapolone or Testosterone (with stronger androgens). Winstrol Depot acts as a stabilizer, allowing to reduce negative manifestations and increase anabolic effects. Admission of mixed courses with vinstrolom depot or in tablets has one main rule: the total weekly volume of AAS should not exceed 500 milligrams (for non-professionals).