Steroid cycles

Currently anabolic-androgenic steroids (ACC) are most often used in order to increase the power performance and set the class of muscle preparations. In order to get the maximum effect from the ACC should adhere to certain rules, in particular – “cycled” taking them.

According B.Fillipsu under steroid “cycle” should be understood receiving single agent or combination of drugs in brary 6-12 weeks followed by abstaining from steroids for at least 10-12 weeks. Many, and in Russia perhaps most, people are resorting to such a model administration, but it has some significant drawbacks.

The most important – during such a long pause, the majority of the results achieved by the power and gain muscle mass disappear, and the next “cycle” athlete fits in virtually the same condition as he was before, and the previous …

Note that this model of reception would make sense when using relatively low close to therapeutic doses of steroids, which, combined with some manipulation of the intensity and volume of training would not lead to a significant “roll back” during a pause. Such an approach might have been optimal for amateurs who want to “build a little muscle” and not knowing how competitive ambitions. But those standards that are now accepted in competitive bodybuilding and powerlifting, at therapeutic doses, unfortunately, unattainable. Therefore, athletes aspiring to high results and resorting to high dosages of ACC used steroids or permanently, or with very small gaps between cycles.

In the world of bodybuilding practice non-stop use of ACC ambitious athletes has become a matter of habit, and its results you can see in the photo in any of the bodybuilding magazines.

The logs for some reason does not say that the majority of these athletes do not have children, and the breasts have long since removed surgically. So currently under cyclic meaningful application of anabolic-androgenic steroids understand following one after the other drug regimens which take into account peculiarities of each individual receiving steroid. Cycles customary to start with low doses and increase them slowly and steadily to Remember a positive nitrogen balance in the cell.

In practice, it turned out that a combination of 2-3 steroids in moderate doses is not only much more efficient, but also guarantees a longer exposure period than if taken one steroid in high dosages. Thanks to properly chosen combination produces the synergistic effect in the event that an athlete is able to pick up steroids, which have different effects on strength, increased muscle mass and recovery of the body. Stimulation of different receptor types for a limited period of time will give better results than using one type of steroids for a long time.

Synthesizing action of the preparations can be stored over several months, if the steroid combination is reversed for a period not exceeding 8 weeks, and if the athlete combines a strong, mainly androgenic “Cycles”, with weaker, predominantly anabolic and dosage while constantly vary. The slow and gradual reduction of dosages in the end “the cycle” helps normalize body functions again and ready for a pause in the reception of the ACC, which is usually overcome with the help of other groups of drugs – Clenbuterol, insulin, etc.

The following examples reception ACC taken from the book and P.Gryundiga M.Bahmana “Anabolic Steroids,” as the most complete embodiment of the manifold illustration of application of this class of drugs foreign athletes. I want to emphasize that these cycles are used mainly by amateur athletes – from professionals dosages many times higher.

This program contains two extremely popular steroid combinations. The combination of Dianabol, Deca-Durabolin is intended for the rapid buildup of strength and the “masses”. To avoid increased levels of estrogens and strong water retention in the body, it has the meaning of the additional administration receiving antiestrogens (Nolvadex and Proviron®).

Subsequent combination Primobolan, Winstrol consolidate the newly built mass and help get rid of excess water, which was a delay in the first phase. If the cycle is ended on Dianabol and Deke, “rollback” would be more noticeable.

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