Buy Andriol (Restandol) (Testosterone Undecanoate) 535 Oral steroids


Manufacturer: Organon, Greece
Category: Oral steroids
Substance: Testosterone Undecanoate
Package: 30 caps (40mg/cap)

Product Description

Complete information about the preparation Andriol

Chemical preparation andriol , unlike other steroids in itself is quite young. Produce it began in the 80s. the last century, and since that time he has been actively used by many bodybuilders. I must say that andriol – a revolutionary product because it is the best oral anablikom testosterone-based. In itself, the use of testosterone in its pure form does not lead to any effect, because getting into the stomach, it immediately begins to disintegrate, and disposed of in the liver. This anabolic steroid main active substance – testosteronundekanoat which is absorbed by the body bypassing the liver and entering directly into the lymphatic system. That is why andriol positions as oral anabolic testosteronosoderzhaschy.

Adverse effects on the liver does not occur because of its absorption by the body is carried out without its participation. Andriol does not have a strong flavoring that is, almost no properties converted to estrogen, so athletes who use it less pronounced feminization (gynecomastia development and the accumulation of fat is almost no). That is why the drug – an alternative to chemical injection steroid, with which the majority of athletes having some trouble. In addition, the use of Andriol does not affect the production of its own hormones, that it is a definite plus. Of course, all this takes place only if the competent dosage. Uncontrolled reception of anabolic can cause the opposite effect.  restandol

Another feature of Andriol is its rapid elimination from the body. Therefore, this drug is suitable for precompetitive practice, problems with doping control will not. The main side effects include high blood pressure, accumulation of water in muscle tissue.

To date andriol – the best oral steroid for athletes who take anabolic steroids in small doses. It is also a great alternative to injectable steroids, portability which can be very severe. An exemplary daily dosage of 240-280 mg, a dose reduction will practically no anabolic effect. Another advantage Andriol is its good tolerability, as well as the possibility of combining with the reception of other drugs, such as, for example, Deca-Durabolin . This gives a significant increase in muscle mass and power growth indicators. Generally speaking, today is andriol steroid status for the fans or for those who care about their health and do not want to start taking injectable androgenic drugs.

In conclusion, we note once again that there is no safe steroids. All of them will sooner or later lead to severe damage of organs and body systems. If you hold dear your health, we will never begin to take chemical drugs, no matter what anyone said, and what the impact would not promise. Be a man and do not vedis on convention. The result, made by hand, is much more valuable than an artificial acting only as while you are taking “chemistry.” Think with your head.