Ephedrine Roid Plus

History of ephedrine

Ephedra equisetina – ephedra horsetail, a very common shrub of the family of the Hvoynikovs. A mountain plant that can be found in the Caucasus, Tien Shan, mountains of Western Siberia. The juice of ephedra since ancient times was used by healers to cure allergic reactions, low blood pressure, cold infections. However, if the dose was exceeded, the treatment could cause a large heart attack, cerebral hemorrhage, and even ended in a fatal outcome. The juice of the coniferous plant needed to be accurately and strictly dosed.

Over time, pharmacists learned how to process plant substance, studied its composition and established the production of synthetic alkaloid ephedrine in the form of white bitter powder.

Ephedrine and weight loss

Observing the patients taking ephedrine for a long time, doctors noticed the regularity: many patients significantly lost weight, apparently due to a decrease in appetite. Such a reaction is quite predictable, because during stress and emotional turmoil we often lose appetite, whereas an overly excited state of the body requires high energy costs. It turns out that the body spends more than a kilocalorie than usual, but there is no feeling of hunger.

This property of ephedrine immediately began to be used for the production of fat burners – thermogenics. For a long time, supplements with ephedrine were at the top of the ratings of the best fat burners.

What to do, who will help to lose weight?

Of course, the first thing to pay attention to healthy ways to reduce the percentage of fat in the body, such as proper nutrition, well-designed workouts, vitamin complexes. It works by itself and certainly without a risk to health.

Those who wish to speed up the moment of meeting with the dream body, do not despair. Companies that produce sports nutrition, immediately set to work and began to look for other ways to achieve a fat burning effect by legal means. Modern preparations are made without the use of ephedrine, they are very effective and safe.