Cytomel T3

Cytomel is a medicinal product, which is a synthetic variant of the thyroid hormone, called L-triioitironin. The main purpose of this drug is the burning of fat before the competition. During the application of the drug Cytomel, the body raises the need for energy, as well as accelerates catabolism.

What are the positive qualities of Cytomel?

Professional athletes use the cytometer to stimulate their own metabolism of cytomel to buy substances, which leads to increased metabolism of proteins, fats, and also carbohydrates. The main positive quality of this medication is considered to be that it helps to bring the fat level in the body to the lowest possible percentage, due to strong stimulation of the thyroid gland, without resorting to low-calorie diets.

As is known, the thyroid gland reproduces for the human body two such hormones as L-thyroxine and L-triioitironin, which is considered more active. Unlike more thyroid stimulants released in the form of the synthetic hormone L-thyroxine, the cytomel is a synthetic variant of the second, more strongly acting hormone, due to which it is popular among consumers.

Methods of application and dosage

Remember that when applying Cytomel it is very important not to exceed the level of the optimal dosage, because if it is exceeded, athletes have a strong weight loss, during which more muscles are affected than fat cells of the body.
The most optimal way of using this drug, which will be safe for the body, is considered its use half an hour before the morning meal at a dosage of 50 mcg / day. The course of taking this medication should not exceed six weeks. In the case where a repeated course of Cytomel is required, the body should be given a two-month rest from the drug and only after it to resume the use of this medication.
I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that it is possible to take the cytomel not only for rapid burning of fat cells, but also when muscle mass is accumulated. In such a case, it should be taken also half an hour before breakfast at a dosage of 25 mcg / day.

Combination of Cytomel from Cormorant Pharma with other preparations

As you know literally all professional athletes in front of their championships consume a huge amount of calories, an average of 4000 kcal per day. If you use so many calories in order to stay in the same form, athletes simply need a strong fat burner. This fat burner is a combination of the drug Cytomel from Baklan Pharma with Clenbuterol, which is also a stimulant of the thyroid gland.